"As a music mentor, I am whole heartedly committed to nurturing the development of students as they continue with the journey of playing music, and evolve into beautiful musicians and people. Achieving this requires a present awareness of my students and the music they are drawn to, while also presenting them with music and knowledge from various genres, styles, and times, to broaden their perception of the world we come from and thrive in. My intention is to provide each individual with the necessary tools to play music passionately, beautifully, and with understanding. On another hand, if we meet for a piano lesson and each week you only walk away with having learned about music notation and dots on a page, then I will have failed as a music mentor. I would rather have you learn about setting and achieving short term and long term goals, improvement, dedication, developing your passions, and about personal character. Learning to love, play, and appreciate music is a beautiful outcome that you will have for the rest of your life, and a talent that you will have to enrich your life as well as the lives of others. To help students become the best musicians they can be is very important to me, but to become a better person is just if not even more important. 

I believe it is important to be well-rounded and have many diverse interests. I aim to build a personal relationship with each of my students, so that I can help  each of my students  learn how to enjoy music, and to learn to be creative and express themselves musically. I also encourage students to play sports, dance, sing, read, draw and develop all of these other talents. I want students to be more than just music students; I want them to learn to become well-rounded individuals. 

Above all, I want everyone to continually improve and do their best. I encourage everyone to dream big, set short and long term goals, and do everything to its fullest potential, to be the best you can be in whatever you choose to do. Choose the best out of life, and learn as much as you can from everyone you meet and everywhere. 

Everyone has the same amount of time, and what you choose to do with your time, where you spend your time, and how you spend it, has little to do with the activities, and so much more to do with the value of what is attached to each activity. 

I dislike being called a music teacher as my goal is not to teach music, but to mentor others and help them live their dreams and their best lives through the enrichment of learning music. I prefer being called a mentor as I would like to be remembered as someone who has helped enrich students lives with passion, happiness, encouragement, and someone who has helped others achieve their dreams."  - Sophia ♫

Sophia teaches masterclasses at 6-12th grade schools, as well as privately either at your home or in a private room at Cal State Northridge.

Down below are some of her past and present students playing some of their repertoire, with the first videos being the most current. Please feel free to listen to some of their music!


Brett has been studying with me since he was 13, and has just passed the 2020 CM advanced level Evaluations with Branch Honors and Senior Award! He has been accepted to study at UC Irvine for his Bachelor's. Congratulations to him and I wish him the best on his journey. 

Watch full videos below of pieces that Brett performed as part of his requirements for Certificate Level 9, which he also passed with Branch Honors.

Practicing Piano Notes


Learn all aspects of piano playing and understand music theory

Sheet Music for Piano


Play any style effortlessly and expressively, solo or with a band

Sheet Music Close Up


Read sheet music, chords, and develop deadly accurate ears


Amber is one of my current students and has been studying with me since she was 7! Here she performs a beautiful rendition of Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece in this video, with her mother Ms. Judy featured as the vocalist. Watch more full videos below!


Navid studied the piano with me for a little under two years, and accomplished playing many pieces in our time together from having a small amount of piano playing experience before. Now he is pursuing his Bachelor's degree at Moorpark College!


Kate studied piano with me for a little under two years and she is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree at Loyola Marymount University! A big congratulations to her for attending her dream school and studying for her next step in life! Here below she plays a lovely rendition of Yesterday

© 2020 by Sophia Trevor

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