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Music Education

I love teaching because I love being able to watch students and those I work with develop themselves musically, artistically, and creatively! Just as others have shared their knowledge with me, I want to continue sharing the beauty of music with as many people as I can. I am also so inspired by seeing my students grow into blossoming musicians, especially when they get excited about learning something new!

I have been teaching music lessons for almost ten years, and my teaching style is shaped by building a personal relationship with each student, while providing a comfortable, challenging, and vibrant learning experience to allow the student to develop to their full potential. I achieve this by having a present awareness of my students and the music they are drawn to, while also presenting sheet music or chord sheets, making music book recommendations, giving notated handouts I’ve created, developing the musical ear with different exercises, and sharing my knowledge to broaden their perception of the world of music that we thrive in. I want to teach students how to become well-rounded individuals and to seek to continually improve and do their best.

I encourage everyone to dream big and do everything to its fullest potential, and to be the best you can be in whatever you choose to do, and to learn as much as you can from everyone you meet and everywhere you go.  If we meet for a piano lesson and each week you only walk away with having learned about music notation and dots on a page, then I will have failed as a music mentor. I would rather have you learn about developing your passions, setting and achieving short term and long term goals, improvement, and dedication to getting better at something. I hope to be remembered as someone who has helped enhanced peoples' lives with a passion for music, confidence with creative expression, and as someone who has helped others achieve their dreams, and I love being able to do this through teaching music 

Down below are some of my past and present students playing some of their repertoire. Please feel free to listen to some of their music! If you are interested in booking an online lesson, click 

If you'd like to leave a testimonial, please click 

Practicing Piano Notes


Learn all aspects of piano playing and understand music theory

Sheet Music for Piano


Play any style effortlessly and expressively, solo or with a band

Sheet Music Close Up


Read sheet music, chords, and develop deadly accurate ears

2022 Virtual Piano Recital 
This is a compilation video featuring voluntary performances by students I currently work with. Everyone did an amazing job and it makes me happy to see everyone enjoying playing and performing music! :)

Brett Kaplan

Brett studied with me for about five years and is currently pursuing his Bacehlor's at UC Irvine! He successfully completed the Certificate of Merit Piano Evaluations, passing the Advanced level with Branch Honors and a Senior Award! 

Amber Bergmans
Amber is one of my current students and has been studying with me since she was 7. Seeing her grow with music all these years has been such a joy and inspiration as a teacher. She writes her own songs and loves playing contemporary classical pieces. 

Landis Humphrey
Landis studied with me for five years, and he successfully passed his Certificate of Merit level 9 in 2021! He just graduated high school and he is off to his dream college pursuing video game design! Below he played a piece he submitted for his evaluations in 2021. He also played in the school Jazz Band, and has won a best soloist award!  

Saxon Humphrey
I've been teaching Saxon for three years, and it's been amazing seeing her grow in music! We have explored many differents styles of music from Minecraft to Stevie Wonder to classical to jazz piano. Here is an upbeat piece she played in 2020!


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